About Embizweni


Embizweni is a website established by a group of Grahamstown-based journalists who are concerned about public life in Makana – citizen safety, essential services like water, electricity, sanitation and roads, shared public resources and spaces, welfare, human rights, and much more.

We have created Embizweni as a meeting place for the active citizens of Makana. As journalists, we will produce well-researched articles about common public issues, but it does not end there. We hope Embizweni will become a public meeting place where you – as active citizens of Makana – can exchange views and information about our shared public life.

We invite your comments and urge you to tell us about your experience of living here. This is a forum for you as citizens to exercise your rights to freedom of speech and social accountability.

We have close ties with various civic organisations across town such as the Public Service Accountability Monintor PSAM, a unique online monitoring project, called MobiSam, and we also follow a citizen Facebook group called Grahamstown Municipal Services Outage Reporting.

Both MobiSAM and PSAM host highly effective Facebook sites: PSAM and MobiSAM.

This site has been divided into sections of interest:



Street Watch – here you’ll find all you need to know to stay safe in our town.





Citizen Voices – this is a platform for you as our readers and as active citizens to have your say on issues concerning public life in Grahamstown.





Public Services – this section keeps track of public service delivery issues affecting citizens across Makana.






Municipal Services – this section provides information on the people and organisations involved in the effort to normalise our town’s water supply.



who's who real


Who’s Who – Embizweni is all about active citizenship. This section sets out a list of profiles on a variety of citizens: activists, connectors, catalysts, political leaders, community historians, church leaders, and more.



Community Engagement – Embizweni aims to embark on a number of campaigns throughout this year relating to community engagement. Find more information here.

You can email us at embizweni.grahamstown@gmail.com or post a comment.

Tweet us using @EmbizweniMakana  and the hashtag #Embizweni

Let’s talk, Makana.


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