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Mugg & Bean opens in Grahamstown

After months of anticipation, Mugg & Bean has opened in Pepper Grove Mall this morning. The opening was described as “soft” to customers who were waiting outside in the hopes of being the first to enjoy a breakfast at the local branch. Embizweni were amongst the first customers and recorded the opening. Thandi Bombi, Megan Whittington and Luyanda Mahlinza report.

The opening of Mugg & Bean has been on the mind of many Grahamstown residents since a new block of stores opened in Pepper Grove Mall mid-year. When the popular chain restaurant’s doors failed to open along with its neighbours, there was a definite hint of disappointment.

This week, rumours emerged that Mugg & Bean would be opening this morning, and so the Embizweni team headed to Pepper Grove Mall first thing to investigate. The possibility of fresh giant muffins and strong coffee was a treat that a group of journalists couldn’t resist.

Upon arriving at the gates, we were met by the owners of the branch who informed us that the restaurant would be open for business shortly. The opening was described as a “soft” one although they were excited for customers to head their way.

After a short wait, the doors were opened and we were welcomed into the restaurant by the energetic Mugg & Bean team. “What a day, [this is] a dream come true. We’ve waited five years to open these doors,” said Suzette Westcott, co-owner of the branch. She, along with the rest of the team, call their branch “Dream Bean” as they have waited so long for it to become a reality.

The addition of this establishment has already proven to be an exciting topic amongst Grahamstown residents, although some are hesitant of the need for yet another coffee house. Craig Foord, co-owner of the division, is; however, confident that the Mugg & Bean menu is diverse enough to provide a new and interesting dining option for the town. “It’s a very exciting day for us as a business and for Grahamstown,” he said. “We hope that people will come and embrace and enjoy the restaurant. There’s something for everyone on our menu.”

Our group certainly found this to be the case and we all enjoyed a filling breakfast and excellent service. Grahamstown is sure to enjoy the vibrant addition to its culinary scene.

The Mugg & Bean team gather before the opening of the branch.

The Mugg & Bean team gather before the opening of the branch. Photo credit: Megan Whittington


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