UPDATE: Pepper Grove construction foresees delay in Mugg and Bean opening

The Peppergrove construction is finally close to completion with only a few final touches in its way. However, project managers announce one major change in plan. Luyanda Mahlinza has more.

It’s been six months since the commencement of the highly anticipated new construction at Pepper Grove Mall and the rapid progress that this process has made is undeniable. However, it has been confirmed that Mugg and Bean will not be open during the time of the National Arts Festival.

Stuart Beer, property manager of Beer Property Management, whose subsidiary company, Clublink (Pty) ltd) owns Pepper Grove Mall, explains that they have officially handed over the stores to the respective tenants. However, the tenants of Mugg and Bean are the only ones who have not begun internal construction. “Mugg and Bean have chosen to not open for festival as they do not want to open during such a busy time without ironing out their teething issues,” say Beer. Internal constructions that were proposed to start in the beginning of June are well underway and, though threatened by various obstacles, the assigned deadline of completion of the construction, wished-for the 30th of June, seems to be a strong possibility.

Construction has extended towards the entrance of their Greens to provide additional parking facilities. Photo credit: Luyanda Mahlinza

Construction has extended towards the entrance of their Greens to provide additional parking facilities. Photo credit: Luyanda Mahlinza

Despite the change in the opening of Mugg and Bean’s opening date and the need to hurriedly complete the construction and paving of the new parking located adjacent to the construction, extended towards the entrance on The Greens. The process has seen no problems. Crazy Store has virtually moved in and is ready to open up their store. WakaBerry have begun internal construction and are incredibly close to completing. SpecSavers began their construction inside their store on the 12th of June and expect to be complete by next week.

As Festival draws closer, this new construction hopes to assist the huge influx expected and it also anticipates these new additions at Pepper Grove to be well received. “Festival is very important to Grahamstown business. Festival is our “festive season”. With this new section we are adding a number of new parking bays to the centre which should ease the congestion in the centre even if it is only slightly during Festival. We hope that the new stores are received favourably and are well supported by residents and students respectively,” Beer says.


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