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Top 5 ways to score you Gold

After receiving your invitation to the Golden Key Society you are probably wondering what exactly that membership fee will buy you, right? Our reporter, Shannon Frost, did all the research for you and brought you the top five benefits of joining GK.

Golden Key International Honour Society is an invitation only society that honours the top 15 percent of academically performing college and university students across eight different countries. However, there is a catch. In order to accept this invitation, you need to cough up a R540 membership fee. If you’re asking what exactly this money will buy you, keep reading.

GK new logo

Golden Key Society new logo. Photo: Golden Key Honorary Society


  1. Lifelong membership

You pay your membership fee and your name is there forever. Your credibility will never be lost with this society and your CV will stand out from the rest.

  1. Video Training Library

Your R540 will buy you access to an online library full of webcasts, webinars and videos to help you grow as a leader and gain new communication skills.

  1. Scholarships

Golden Key offers its members exclusive scholarships, awards and grants every year which range from Military Service scholarships to the Outstanding Academic Achievement award.

  1. Leadership and networking opportunities

You can apply to become a chapter, regional or international officer with Golden Key and expose yourself to new skills and techniques. Not only will your confidence grow but you will meet countless honorary members and possibly meet your next employer.

  1. Internship abroad opportunities

That R540 gives you a heads up to all the available internships available overseas. Wherever you want to travel, Golden Key helps you find internships. Think London, France, Italy, Spain, Dublin, Rome, Prague, Paris, and Buenos Aires.


So look out for your Golden Key invitation, save up for the membership fee, and start taking advantage of these worldwide offerings.




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