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Calling all Gtown Instagramers

You have Instagram, right? Did you know there is a community of Instagramers in Grahamstown just like you who meet up regularly, drink coffee, get to know each other, and take photos together? Shannon Frost walks Embizweni readers through this exciting new trend.

So we all love Instagram. Snap your selfie, flick on a filter and publish away. Instagram is the latest and trendiest application –a must-have for all smart-phone users. While awaiting likes and comments, you scroll through  billions of other cool pictures just like yours. You must have wondered where all these Instafans are hiding and why you aren’t all sharing your mutual love for the hipster Valencia filter.

Embizweni has travelled hashtags far and wide to bring you the details about all your local Instagram communities that meet up regularly to pioneer the culture of this infectious app.

The South African Instagramers community consists of 11 different geographic locations across the country that is filled with of a range of diverse personalities and cameras. These igers (instagramers) use Instagram on a daily basis to showcase the rare cracks and corners of South Africa through their own lenses.


“I only joined Instagram last year…got a Samsung S3 handed down to me from my mother-in-law,” he timidly laughed but little did everybody else know that Sean Bennetts was the face behind Instagramers Grahamstown.

In a city well known for creativity and vibrancy, @IgersGrahamstown is a small group of passionate locals and students who love capturing the eclectic history of their streets. Bennetts hopes to grow the community and start teaching people that, “there is beauty everywhere we are, even in somewhere like Grahamstown. You just need to be looking for it.”

@IgersGrahamstown has partnered with the Homeground Coffee Roasters café and is introducing the charming coffee culture that is captured continually worldwide on Instagram to all new members of the Gtown community. Good coffee and free wi-fi is a frothing igers oasis, which is why it is the meeting hub for this community’s Instameets.

Sean Bennetts is the manIger of @IgersGrahamstown. Photo: Shannon Frost.

Sean Bennetts is the manIger of @IgersGrahamstown. Photo: Shannon Frost.


If you’re not familiar with the term, an “instameet” is when a group of Instagramers get together at a specific location to walk and explore their streets. They take photos together, share their ideas, act as each other’s muses, or indulge in selfies. Instawalks are about doing something you all love together. Every Instameet is unique because of the different locations and different people who bring their fresh perspectives.

“…I think that’s the point of Instagram …it’s an opportunity and tool that anyone can access to be expressive and be inspired by other people who are creative and being expressive in their worlds whether they’re in Japan or Melbourne or Cape Town,” Bennetts explained,  cappuccino in hand.

Find new followers in these Instagramers South Africa communities:

So try something new, find your closest Instagramers community, and start Instagraming with a new incentive.

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Special thanks to Mickey Dorfling.


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