The fundraising continues

By Nompilo Mncube

Walter Eksteen is challenging you to challenge your friends to donate money towards the Child Welfare fundraising for the community hall. The Gala dinner which took place on 4 October ran without a glitch and the Indiegogo campaign site was successfully launched that night.

As he had promised at the Gala, Eksteen broke down Indiegogo for everyone to understand how it works and how people can take part:

R 4.5 million broken up into little pieces is:
– 45000 people giving R100 or US $10 each
– 9000 people giving R500 or US $50 each
– 4500 people giving R1000 or US $100 each
– 2250 people giving R2000 or US $200 each
– 1000 people giving R4500 or US $450 each

Eksteen is asking you to share this information with all your friends from South Africa or overseas. Interested people can donate the amounts above either directly to Child Welfare or through the Indiegogo site if they are abroad.

Eksteen challenges us all to say to our friends: “I have given my R100 and have asked 500 of my friends to do the same.”

“Please spread the word with me and let’s watch this project get off the ground,” said Eksteen.


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