Municipal Services

Who ya gonna call?

Water contacts you should know

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call?

Heather Cameron has put together some important water-related contact details.

The residents of Grahamstown and its surrounding areas are no strangers to issues of water service delivery. Residents may face problems of sporadic availability or dirty, green water. However, not everyone knows who to call in case of an emergency or in the event that they need to report a problem.

Here are the contacts you need to know:

The Makana Municipality Communications Officer
Yoliswa Ramokolo
Tel: 046 603 6033/6169

According to the Makana Municipality, the communications division exists to ensure “that communications across the Makana Municipality is well coordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse information needs of the public.”

Diverse information needs would include information relating to water issues.

Makana Municipality Director of Infrastructure and Technical Services
Emmanuel Thembinkosi Myalato
Tel: +27 (0) 46 603 6063

The goals of the Infrastructure and Technical Services division include optimisation and keeping check on staff and service provider’s performance. The Director should be able to provide info relating to water; and a key concern for the division is more knowledge on the current state of water affairs.

Other contacts at the Municipal level include the Customer Care line which is available at 046 603 6111 as well as the Grahamstown Water Department which can be reached at 046 603 6136.

MobiSAM is a mobile phone application that connects Grahamstown residents to the Municipality. The idea is that through the use of the app, residents are able to report problems to the municipality and receive updates on pertinent issues such as upcoming water outages.
For more information or to register visit
MobiSAM Facebook page

Daphne Timm on Facebook
Grahamstown resident Daphne Timm’s Facebook page is a convenient space to share and receive information regarding municipal matters. Timm regularly provides updates that she receives from various partners on issues in Makana, especially water related ones.

Timm’s Facebook page:


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